It is really our sort of secret plan, to get Bitcoin to the next billion people!

Tyler Evans, co-founder & CTO of BTC Inc.

The mission at hand is daunting, if not impossible. But those who have met Tyler Evans know he wouldn’t flinch at such a challenge.

Tyler is the co-founder and CTO of BTC Inc — the media group behind Bitcoin Magazine, providing news and commentary on Bitcoin and blockchain technology since 2012 to millions of readers across the globe. With a deep background in the technology and an enthusiastic community, BTC Inc. …


Internal tools like admin panels are oft overlooked. Because time spent on building them equates to time not spent on shipping the next shiny feature.

So what happens when non-technical teams need to see or manipulate an app’s data? They are stuck with rushed and frustrating tools.

Forest Admin empowers developers to build and ship admin panels. Ones that are easy for non-developers to use, easy to adapt, and easy to extend. For a fraction of the time it would cost to develop them in-house.

Here we’ll explain the architecture we chose to provide such a service. Without forcing you…

Ziad Ghalleb

Solutions @ Forest Admin

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